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Getting Warmer As It Gets Colder


    Everyone is familiar with philosophy about life and taking it as a grain of sand. And as such, there are many comparisons about the subject of life and it’s likeness to the beach or even the ocean that crashes against it.

In the business of real estate, however, I believe one should look at the endless paths of life as the broad and seemingly seamless beachfront. No matter how far, how fast, or how frequent you travel through life (whether it is down the road, across city limits, or even across state lines) there are homes everywhere. Each and every person has chosen a home that suits them and their needs; they chose a home that could accommodate their pets, their spouses, their possible children, or just simply themselves and their wishes.

Along the stretches of white sand, you’re bound to find bundles of shells that prick and prod at the soles of your feet. If you reach down and study them, if you take the time to really contemplate, finding a sea shell for your collection is fairly similar to finding the right home.

No, really! Think about it!

When a person is searching for their right home, they can be looking for a number of reasons: a home that catches the average person’s eye, a home that provides a solid foundation for their future, a temporary home that can suit them until their next life’s journey. There are a million and one lives waiting to be lived, lives that are searching for a shelter, so it’s understandable that they want to find the perfect one.

With a careful eye, you can swoop across the sand and have a handful of shells that all seem to tell a different story. There are a multitude of different shapes and sizes and not a one is exactly alike. How do you choose which ones to add to your collection? You find yourself asking the same about a house, right? On a long page of listings, you’re guaranteed to find some amazing houses that all have different pasts and futures ahead of them.

For example, a shell that wields a crack or piece missing might seem unfit to one person’s eye but could be a treasure waiting to be found for another. A shell that spirals into intricate designs could catch a person’s eye that values the small details but might be too busy for someone who favors more simplistic pieces. A shell that has since been abandoned by a crab on one day could make excellent shelter for a different crab the next.

All these factors fit into the house hunt in more ways than previously imagined. The simple and honest truth is we are constantly growing and adapting, as is our metaphorical (or sometimes literal; yes, guilty!) shell collection. We have to remember to step onto that warm, white sand with an open mind and a heart that knows what it needs but also what it wants.12494931_1075437339179384_7449229503404396004_n

Searching for that perfect home or for that perfect sea shell is the longest part of the battle but it is also the most thrilling and exciting!

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